A book review of Are You Dave Gorman By Danny Wallace

photo of the book Are You Dave Gorman By Danny Wallace

The book in 3 sentences

Danny Wallace thinks Dave Gorman isn't a very popular name, therefore drunkenly bets his flatmate, named Dave Gorman he can't find one for each card in a deck of playing cards, 54, including the jokers. The book is very funny, Dave's pursues the goal often with very little preparation or rigour leading to some of the funniest moments in the book. The childlike enthusiasm Dave exudes makes for a delightful read.


If you ask me what my favourite book is, I would say this. No other book in my lifetime has resonated with me in such away. So after years of repeatedly pronouncing it as my favourite book in polite conversation, I decided to revisit it more than 15 years later. I can say without reservation this is still my favourite book of all time. I don't think I have laughed so much while reading a book. I love Dave Gorman's optimism and wish to emulate it in my own life.

This would be a very boring book if the protagonists were deliberate, and methodical. If you read this book too, you can't help but cheer them along on their mission pointless mission. Reading Dave and Danny go back and forth, is hilarious as you view the world from their differing perspective. This is an amazing account of friendship on the road, as two men grow very close. The friendship sounds amazingly romantic and something I have never managed to replicate.

Who should read it

I think it would be lazy for me to say everyone should read this book, if forced to be specific, I would say anyone that takes life too seriously and anyone who wants to laugh. There was so many laugh out loud moments in this book, I would read this book in bed while my girlfriend slept and it was difficult to restrain my laughter without shaking the bed.

How the book changed me

It amazes me this adventure had no purpose at the start, there so no desire to write a book, tour the show worldwide or record a 6 part television show, it was just a drunken bet between mates. This book reminded me to be silly, to do things that bring me joy. The book is a reminder that strangers are probably nicer than you think, and are willing to help.

My top three quotes

"So I thought I knew what to expect from this encounter. Dave Gorman would shake Dave Gorman’s hand. Dave Gorman would take a polaroid of Dave Gorman. Dave Gorman would ask Dave Gorman to sign the photograph. Dave Gorman would ask Dave Gorman if he knew of any other Dave Gormans. And then we would leave. All very straightforward. What I wasn’t expecting was for Dave Gorman to ask Dave Gorman if he could have a go on his big lawnmower."

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